its week 27 with my friends over at the bloom forum. this weeks' theme is silhouette: awesome for a summer evening.  this week's picture is of my son and my niece.  one evening since moving to florida, i saw the two of them through the window in the back yard.  we have these two benches that sit on the edge of the grass right before the beach to the lake begins.  they are perfect for watching activity on the lake from boats, to birds, turtles, and even alligators.   this particular evevning, these two were on this bench in deep discussion.  i wonder what it was about---most likely Mario Brothers!!   the kids love being near so many of their cousins now.  they have three cousins right here  in our neighborhood and four more within a very short drive.  it is so special to have this time and to watch the kids all play and grow up together.   we have lived away from family for over 12 years so we savor these moments more than words can really describe. 


now head on over to the blog of Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ and see what gorgeous picture she has for this theme!