welcome to week 26 of project 52 with my friends at the bloom forum.   it's hard to believe we have made it halfway through this project.    this week's theme was trees: are you surrounded by trees? do they shade your home? do you have a favorite tree?? when i first saw this week's theme i thought i knew what i would do.  my oldest daughter LOVES orange trees....and we just moved to florida this past week and there are orange groves all across our hometown.  we even have two trees in our yard.  she was estatic when we arrived and she saw the trees...BUT we quickly realized they were not in season, so i decided that would not be the best tree to portray right now!  

after being away from our hometown for over 12 years, it is wonderful being home; but there are things we do miss about our sweet old town of camp lejeune, north carolina.   we had a swing tied to a huge tree in our old yard, which the children all loved!!! our kids were over the moon when we arrived to our new house and they saw they have another amazing tree with a super fun tire swing!! and better yet....they have a huge yard, a white sandy beach, and a lake to play in! we are all pretty smitten!  

i will leave you with some pictures of the fun we have been having the past week as we settle in to our new place called home...

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Now don't forget to head on over to the blog of Julie Livermore,  Rawlins, WY Photographer.  She always has something gorgeous to share!!!


xoxo, ginger