One on one Online Mentoring: $250

Your mentoring session will be uniquely designed to meet your current needs. Ginger will send you a survey, prior to meeting, so that she can see what areas you would like to concentrate on. Over a two week period, Ginger will work with you one on one. This can include portfolio/image review, editing process via screen share videos, question and answers, assignments written with your individual needs for growth and cc, and more. 

Please contact Ginger for more information and to see if a mentoring session is a good fit for you. 


** Currently scheduling for December 2017 and beyond. 


"Working with Ginger one-on-one was a great experience!  She was always there to answer any questions I may have, and her personal video reviews of my photos were so helpful.  She also  helped me to push myself creatively, and I made great leaps with composition and editing.  She made sure the experience fit in well with my availability, and I never felt rushed or stuck to a strict deadline- which is important as a working mom!  Ginger's photos helped spark my interest in photography and the mentoring opportunity helped me to grow even further as a photographer.  Would highly recommend! "- Tiffany Lemen


"I was looking for a mentor for my Click pro application and found Ginger's work online. I had been following her work for a while now but when I came across it again, I knew right away I should contact her and get some help on my portfolio. She took the time to review my portfolio thoroughly, made videos for personalized feedback and reached out to me every few days to make sure I was doing okay with what was posted. She is very well known in the community for documentary her everyday life and her work inspires me to look into the simple details of life and motherhood. She is extremely knowledge in all aspects of photography and will make sure you follow along with patience. While my mentoring need at that point was only for my clickpro portfolio, I would definitely be reaching out to her for additional mentoring help in the near future for advanced understanding on composition techniques and other aspects of photography where I need additional help. I loved working with Ginger and will gladly recommend her to any of my friends seeking help with their portfolio or absolutely anything in their photography!" Jyo Bhamidipati  - Website  | Facebook | Instagram