last weekend the kids and i decided we would make butterfly cupcakes.  we had seen these on my newest addiction Pinterest.   we made a few changes to the original picture we saw but we had such fun.    i think the best part was when we called mimi (my mother) and asked her if she wanted to join us for the decorating and she did.   what a joy it is to now have her only a few houses down the road.    it really is the little things in life that are so easy to take for granted but that mean so much.   when we made our move from north carolina it was indeed bitter sweet.   i have shed more than a tear over missed friends and memories.  it is very hard moving on from the life i knew for so long.   but the life we have waiting here is one that i missed more than i even realized.    being here for weekly family dinners, having cousins over to our house to play and make memories, passing by my parents house and just getting to have a quick visit in the driveway.  as an adult i have never had these things and it is now that i need them and cherish them the most.    today i say a prayer of thanksgiving because i am ever so grateful that God has given us this opportunity. because as a military family it is indeed rare.   and to all of my family...i love you all so much and am so happy we are home.

xoxo, ginger

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