it's week 20 of project 52.  this week's theme is desire : what do you desire, is it tangible? is it a goal?  as i think of my desires....what do i desire most in my life?  i desire to have a house filled with love;  a marriage that endures all, to see our children happy, thriving, healthy and growing up to be compasionate and caring individuals; and be GREAT --- for the Lord.    the past month our church has been preaching on being great.  and it isn't in terms of being good at something, but by leveraging your life to live out what God has planned for you.   its made me think of so many facets of my life.   and i will say that being GREAT for the Lord is above all my greatest desire. 

one week during the series the following quote was shared:   "passion is waking up in the morning, wherever you are, however old or young and bounding out of bed because you know there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in.   that you're called to, something that's bigger than you are and you can hardly wait to get at it.  it's somethign you'd rather be doing more than anything else in the whole world.  you invest in it because that cause means more to you than money.  and you know it 's something that makes the world a better place for other people and not just yourself"  whit hobbs

this week i leave you with a few pictures of our children at the these pictures, i see our children  happy, loving and thriving...what more could i desire?

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