my youngest daughter has most definitely started "dress up"  much earlier than my oldest daughter did. it is very evident that she has a LOVE  lately for trying on many shoes a day, accessories she finds around the house, and clothing.....this one afternoon she decided to put on big sissy's ballerina outfit ONLY after realizing her own baby doll's outfit would not fit over her head.  

this leads me to a post i want to share with you that i read this morning in my daily google reader feed.  it was from a wonderful blog (in)courage.  the post was titled living with your photos.  the wonderful author spoke about getting your photos off your harddrive. i know i am so guilty of this. i have thousands upon thousands of photos, never put into books, frames, or brought to life.  and its sad.  its not that we don't have many pictures in our house or photobooks, but it seems i a bit behind.   i cherish looking through these books or walking by our walls of portraits of our children, family, and friends.   so today, as i read this i decided to share this article.  we all need to make the extra effort to live with our cherish these blessings and memories God has given us.

and today when i look back at this snap shot of my baby in her ballernina dress up for the first time, i know i want to look back on it and remember so much more than just that moment. i want to remember this phase, this time in her life.   one day it was the ballerina dress, the next it was big brother's Car's tshirt, with the sleeves rolled up.   these snapshots, will later, bring me back to this cherish these moments!