welcome back for another week of project 52 with the bloom forum.  this week's theme is treasure: what is your greatest treasure? what do you value the most?   this is a question i do not even need to ponder. i treasure my relationships with my family the most...my husband and my precious children!!  but also my parents, my siblings, my in laws, my closest friends.  these are all the treasures that matter most in life.

being a mother has changed me in unimaginable ways.  i cannot even put into words how much i treasure this time with our  children as they are young.  i know every step of life is fun..but this age of innocence, adoration, and growth is so special. i could say it over and over again, but i wish time would freeze in many ways.  i feel like my husband and i have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams with the love we share with each other and our three children.  they are my greatest treasures!

and oh, how i treasure these little notes and pieces of art i find in our house ...they make me smile!

now, head on over to see what Linsey Stuckey of  Houston, Texas treasures...i can guarantee you won't be disappointed.