one thing i have realized with multiple children is how precious one on one time with each child is.   i savor this time and i believe they do as well.  my oldest daughter and i have spent many days doing fun things which we refer to as girls' day.  my middle child is funny because whenever i mention doing something just the two of us..he always says, NO lets wait for E to get home (my oldest).....he always wants to include her.  but we do get to spend lots of afternoons together while the baby sleeps and E is at school.    this year my son has been in preschool twice a week and these mornings have become fun for our youngest and myself to do things together. unfortunately (and  i am sure that you busy moms can relate to me when i say)  a lot of this time is spent getting errands or the such done, with only one child in tow.  but i do try my best to make time for just us and today we had some of that.  i love when it is just her and i, and i can give her my full attention.  today we went to play by the river...she loved the wild flowers, the swing, walking back and fourth just a little bit on the dock, and seeing the butterflies as they flew by.    it was so fun to see the joy she found in exploring all of the beautiful creations around her...


 xoxo, ginger