This week our house was filled with a couple of  fun surprises... The first was a snow storm that brought much more snow than we expected.  We all ventured out and enjoyed this fun filled day!    The second surprise of the week was E lost her very first tooth!! She was super excited as she lost it at school. She bolted off the bus with it to show Momma!  It was so special to see her filled with so much excitement.

 E had a blast in the snow...she definitely lasted the longest of the three.

C didn't know what to think...she actually did laugh and smile alot but she looks so un happy in most of the pictures!

M's faces say it all...he had a love hate relationship with the snow that day!

Next up.. the before and after of E's tooth.   (I know , it's supposed to be a frame a week, but I just couldn't narrow it down this week)

Then so excited as she got off the bus..

And one last picture from the week....just loved this one of sweet C at bath time!