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a crazy love

“Motherhood is hard work.  It is repetitive and often times menial.  Accept it.  Rejoice in it.  This is your toil.  Right here.  Those are their faces.  Enjoy them.  The days of your life are supposed to be full of things like this.  But joy is not giddy.  It is not an emotional rush–it is what happens when you accept your lot and rejoice in your toil.  So rejoice in your children.  Look them in the eyes and give thanks.” -Rachel Jankovik These words are a wonderful reminder on the days we feel challenged, tired, inadequate, or frustrated. Motherhood is not easy. We all face moments in our days where we feel deep in the valley of motherhood, but then I look at my children and my home that is filled with evidence of their little lives. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each day we share together. I am overwhelmed with a crazy love that no words can explain.

My youngest sister, Katie, will be having their third child next month. Her two girls are 4 and 2 and are excited to welcome a baby brother into their world. Katie has been getting a lot of crazy comments when people see her pregnant with number three. We have been laughing about these a lot lately. One of the most common things she hears is that "your hands are full."  I love author Rachel Jankovik's reply to this statement, "yes, they are-full of good things!"  God's plan for each of us  is so unique and written especially for each of us.  I love to see how He works in all of us and I am so excited to see Him work in this next chapter of my sister's family.

This week I got to spend some time at home with Katie and her girls. Some days are certainly a bit chaotic, but I know she wouldn't change a thing. I fondly look back on the time when I had a 5 and almost 3 year old who were welcoming their baby sister. It was such an exciting time for all of us. The days flew by  like a blur of light. Somehow as I look back, I forget the hard, late nights with a newborn. I only remember the sweet smell, the soft touches, and the new faces. I remember the way my children bonded with one another during those early days, that quickly turned into years. Our baby girl will soon turn five. Yes, this time is fleeting.

I am so grateful I could capture Katie with her girls before the new baby arrives. These images remind me of life with little ones. It's a crazy love; one that is really extraordinary.

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just us at sunrise

It is rare to find any of our children or myself up before sunrise.  This week we were up early every day so we could get to Vacation Bible School. One morning we had some extra time before we had to leave. Our middle child and only son loves to fish, so we shared some time together just the two of us. I love when I get time with any of our children one on one. The water and the light were beautiful, but our talks by the lake were the real highlight of this morning. sunrise blog 8sunrise blog 3sunrise blog 2sunrise blog 4sunrise blog 7sunrise  blog 1sunrise blog 5sunrise blog 6



beautiful light and a lot of love

I have not been doing many family sessions over the past year, because I made the decision to put my own family first.  I love capturing families together, but I realized it took far too much time away from my children and they are still so young. I don't ever want to look back and regret the way I chose to use my time. I made an exception for this session of course, because it is my sister and her family. Since I have moved back home I have loved getting to watch her family grow.  I am so blessed that these little ones are a part of my daily life now.

sun and love ginger unzueta 1

sun 11

ginger unzueta sun 2ginger unzueta sun 3

sun 1sun 3sun 4sun and love ginger unzueta 3sun 5sun 6sun 7sun 8sun 9sun 10



a giveaway with Kate T. Parker Photography

Who doesn't love a giveaway??!!  When Kate told me about this amazing opportunity, I was more than happy to host . Kate will be participating in teaching an online workshop with 5 other photographers.

Finding Your Photo Style Workshop 6 weeks starts 5/23/2013 $68 Click here to sign up.

About the class and the instructors Looking for some incredible photo ideas? Look no further than Finding Your Photo Style, a 6-week online workshop packed with creative photo tips, tricks, and insider secrets that will help you find (or refine) your own signature photography style.

In Finding Your Photo Style, you’ll get to know six premier photographers (see the video below!) who take stylish, stunning, and unique pictures of their families and their everyday lives—while also working as professional photographers in their own corners of the world.

These photography pros are ready to spill some of their best secrets and challenge you to try their favorite photo ideas for yourself! Through inspirational videos, downloadable challenges, and hands-on exercises that cover photography tips and post-processing tricks alike, you’ll discover the looks that suit you best.

Tracey Clark, Southern California Rebecca Cooper, Raymond, Alberta, Canada Elizabeth Dillow, Cheyenne, Wyoming Maggie Holmes, Gilbert, Arizona Andrea Jenkins, Southern California Kate T. Parker, Atlanta, Georgia

You can watch a video clip here.

Link to purchase…we can refund if you win!



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you light up our lives

"when I look into your eyes, it's like watching the night sky, or a beautiful sunrise. there's so much they hold" jason maraz our spirited third child.  today you turned three.  my heart is so full and floods with so many contrasting emotions.  i want to cry inside as i watch our last baby turn into an independent little girl.  but then i want to rejoice and laugh as your growing  personality overflows to all that know you.  there is so much to you that i never want to forget.  your questions and wonder. the why's you ask hourly.  your giggle.  your big brown eyes and adorable dimple. the special way you have me tuck you in bed  every time you go to sleep.   your love and adoration of your brother and sister.  your bossiness.  your crazy clothes choices and the even crazier things you say. these details of you are so precious to me.  i love that you are open to life with such a big heart.  you are so independent and strong willed.  you are a mama's girl. but you love your daddy in such a special way.  it melts my heart.  he's truly your prince.  and you are indeed his princess.    these three years have been more than i ever dreamed. i cannot wait to watch you grow into the person God has planned for you.

today we shared your birthday in so many special ways.  first it was just the four of us (daddy is gone to the middle east-but he joined you for birthday cake via skype) and you opened a few presents.  you got your first american doll and you fell in love completely. at lunch time a few of your cousins were able to  join us for lunch and cake. it is truly a blessing  for you girls to all live on the same street, growing up and making these special memories.   and then we ended the day with your mita and pito.  and yes, as you look at these pictures one day-you really did change your clothes that many times in one short day.

you are loved by all that know you.   i hope this year is filled with many more amazing memories and that you will always know how much we love you.


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project 52 l week 31 l street

wow, the summer has just about flown by.  i didn't think i'd have time to post this week but realized i had this shot on my i-phone.   this week our theme is street.  i took this photo one afternoon we were walking down the street to my parent's house.  i was thinking how much i loved that we could just walk down to see them anytime we want. the kids love to go there and swim in the afternoons.   truly, i cherish this street so much.   on this little street lives my two sisters and their husbands, my brother and his wife, my parents, and my 5 nieces.   life is simple and life is good.  i am very blessed.

follow along our blog circle to see what clara with heart inspired photography has for us this week.

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gorgeous light and a beautiful love = a great combination

i had the best time capturing this soon to be wed couple in love. as a photographer you never know what to expect when you go to a shoot.  with couple shoots it is key to be able to interact together naturally, so that i can capture the essence of what you feel for one another.  well, this couple did just that. they were amazing together. they were full of laughs and their love just shines through these pictures. and we had the most amazing light during the whole session.  i hope you love these as much as i do.  it was such a pleasure to hang out with you and capture this special time in your lives...

wishing you all the best, ginger

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project 52 l week 29 l reflection

this week for project 52 our theme is reflection.   i can't wait to see all of the different ways our group will interpret this theme.  i have been busy photographing our church's vacation bible school this week and was lucky to capture this image with my iPhone on a walk one afternoon.   i am pretty smitten with this little fellow.

i am thrilled to welcome Mary Schannen of Melange Photography back to our group. she's been a way the past few weeks, and i am so glad she is back this week. she is just amazing, so enjoy!



project 52 l week 28 l aging

this week's theme for project 52  is aging.   i don't think any of us like watching our loved one age.  and we especially don't enjoy it when they are sick. sadly, my father-n-law, pito, has alzheimer's disease.   this has to be one of the cruelest diseases i know.  it has been so sad to watch his illness progress and his memory get further and further away from him.   one afternoon i captured my sweet girls sharing our family photo album with him.   he is to the point that he forgets who all of us are at different times, so it was so special to see my girls reminding him of all his loved ones.

please visit the blog of Clara with Heart Inspired Photography and see what she has captured this week...



we love lucy

you may remember my gorgeous sister and her family from her maternity session a couple months ago.  i am happy to announce that they have just welcomed their sweet baby girl lucy.   i was over the moon that i got to be present right after her birth and able to capture some very special and intimate moments of their sweet family.   we have decided to keep those private just for their family to enjoy and remember that special day. BUT, today i am here to share with you some beautiful shots of lucy, mama and big sister.   it means so much to me to live so close to my sister now.  there is something so special about having a sister and i am so blessed to have her in my life.  i am so proud of her and the mama she is to her babies.   katie, i love you all so much and couldn't be more excited to see your family grow...

 much love, ginger


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the ultimate summer shot list l week one

i 've joined a fun summer project called The Ultimate Summer Shot List, sponsored by Let the Kids Dress Themselves..."an inspiration blog in love with family photography."   you don't have to be a professional photographer to join us. you just need to love capturing your children enjoying life to its fullest during these fun summer months. for this week's Summer Fun Photo, i captured our oldest daughter swinging high on the swing at the park near the beach during our vacation.  (i will be sharing many more from this week's vacation in a few days for this month's 10 on 10)

there's truly a certain type of freedom summer brings that is unique only to this season.  i look forward to it year after year.  i believe there's a similar freedom felt when flying high in the sky. this photo symbolizes the start of summer's freedom to me.  i hope you enjoy...



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project 52 l week 26 l metallic

happy friday. welcome back for our weekly project with my friends at the bloom forum.  this week our theme is : metallic a certain little two year old found some of big sissy's old dress up shoes.  ever since, they haven't come off...

and i had to share this one from later in the much i just love about it!

now head on over to the blog of Clara at Heart Inspired Photography to see her metallic image.



a celebration of life and love

i am so excited to share pictures of such a special couple.    i have known gene and michele since highschool.   but, i didn't get to really know them until i got married and we enjoyed a few get togethers with them while home on vacation or at christmas.  and it wasn't until moving home last summer, that we really got to spend more time together through church, bible study and various other events.    my husband has always been very close to both of them, so it has been wonderful to share this bond as well the past year. when michele contacted me about doing these pictures, i was very excited.   she wanted  to have something to remember this special time in their lives as they both turn 40 this month.   i feel honored to be able to give them this gift, because it will bring them so much joy for years to come.   these pictures capture their love and commitment to each other over all these years; and to have them to look back on is something to treasure.  i hope you enjoy them.

happy 40th michele and gene.  we are all blessed to know you...

blessings, ginger



project 52 l week 21 l photograph a stranger

it's friday...which means it's time for this week's new theme.  we were to photograph a stranger this week.   when i saw this theme, i didn't know what in the world i would do.  admittedly, i was a bit nervous.   but lucky for me, i have a super outgoing husband.   we were at a fun outdoor concert a few weeks ago here ino ur hometown at bok tower gardens.   we noticed the lovely four ladies across the yard.   my husband agreed that they would be perfect to use for my project.  he went with me to ask them for permission to take their picture. they were so sweet. it was fun to get to meet them and learn a bit about them.  thank you for letting me share your are each beautiful!

now head on over and see what stranger michele has captured...



gorgeous family of four

i was so honored a few months ago when shannon emailed me with an inquiry to do her family photos.  she lives over in tampa and had found my site on facebook.    she also happens to be a photographer.  it was such a pleasure meeting her and her adorable two children and sweet loving husband.    i adored the outfits she had planned for them all which made for wonderful photographs in the settings we picked.    thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity to capture your family. i hope you enjoy this preview of our time together...

blessings, ginger



one week new

it's always so wonderful to be around a new baby.  this little fellow was no exception.  he was precious.  with big blue eyes and  gorgeous baby new skin...just as sweet as can be.   it was so special to capture him with his mama.   i babysat caroline when she was just a little girl.  i can't believe time has passed by so she is now a mama herself.  i hope you cherish these images of your adorable baby boy... blessings, ginger



project 52 l week 19 l favorite song

"my strength alone will never be enough but Your arms keep lifting me up"

this week our theme for project 52 is favorite song.  i had a couple choices.  do i pick a song that would make wonderful photographs?  or do i pick a song that really is one of my favorites?

well, i went with the song Free by Dara Maclean because it really speaks to my heart.

often i am asked how do i do it all.   we have three children.  i home-school.  i run a part time business. my husband is gone a lot.  yet,  i guess i appear too be doing it all with a smile.

i'll be  honest with you...

i feel like a failure many days.  i feel like i am not enough.   i see the piles of laundry.  i see the mess in my car.   i see my body that is not as fit as it needs to be.  i cry.   i get lonely.   the list really could go on of all the ways i see my shortcomings.  i'm human. and its so easy for the devil to come in and make us feel inadequate.   then you can add society into the picture.  pinterest.  facebook. magazines.  you get the idea.  its easy to look around and feel like everyone has a "picture perfect life".   and yes, i may be guilty of appearing that way too at times.  perhaps we all are.  but i don't want anyone to think that is the case.  really, i am just an ordinary girl who  loves her husband and children with all her heart and strives to stay positive no matter what the circumstance...but

don't be fooled.....i don't do it all.   i just have an amazing God full of grace and love and He does amazing things through me.


FREE by Dara Maclean

(if you haven't heard this song, please go check it out)

Hurting heart and broken wings Cannot stop Your love from always finding me No more days wasting away I finally realize the gift inside of me My strength alone will never be enough But Your arms keep lifting me up You tell me I've been made free You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams You whisper words that free my soul You're the reason I have hope You're everything I need and more You made me You made me free I was caged in, then You opened Every door that held me bound and You gave me the key No more pressure I can just breathe The girl I tried so hard to be, has always been me My strength alone will never be enough But Your arms keep lifting me up You tell me I've been made free You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams You whisper words that free my soul You're the reason I have hope You're everything I need and more Now I'm free to love, free to live, Free to take my life and give it all to You Oh, you tell me I've been made free You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams You whisper words that free my soul You're the reason I have hope You're everything I need and more You made me You made me free You made me You made me free


now please continue with our blog circle and see what Mary Schannen of Melange Photography has for her favorite song.



project 52 l week 18 l temptation

another friday has somehow arrived, therefore it's time for another week of project 52. this week our theme is temptation.  

admittedly there are many temptations in life.  i am grateful beyond words for God's grace, because some days i feel like i fall time and time again in to the tempations surrounding me.  today i wasn't sure what i was going to use for my image and then i see this pile of laundry (yet to be put away) on my bed...and not far from it was the ipad.   oh, how fitting.  the ipad only represents the MANY tempations technology has brought into our lives.  tempations, distractions, wasted time.  YES, i think technology is fabulous and i love all the benefits,  but i've fallen many times to the tempations it brings.    sometimes one minute online can turn into hours of the day wasted that should have been spent otherwise (maybe putting up this laundry??!!)  seriously, i pray for God's grace and forgiveness in the time i let get wasted from HIM, from my children, from my husband, and from all the important priorities of my life.   and i strive to do better...

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." EPHESIANS 6:11

now please continue with our blog circle and see what Mary Schannen of Melange Photography has this week to share...



finding the light workshop comes to an end

this was the final week of the winter finding the light workshop with Dee,  and her two assistants Gail and Jenny. i cannot say enough wonderful things about this workshop.  each of these amazing photographers brings their own  unique style to the class.  make sure you go to their blogs and see for yourself.

i look at light in a whole different way after taking this class. ( the best part is, in a couple weeks, i will do it all over again, as an alumni.)  it was over and beyond what i expected.  you will enjoy it, not matter what type of photographer you are.

as you can read on their blog the assignments are as follows:

Main Assignments

Assignment 1: Dramatic Light

Assignment 2: Mid-day Sun & Backlight (full sun)

Assignment 3: Mid-day backlighting with a reflector

Assignment 4: Late in the day sun with reflector

Assignment 5: Finding natural way to reflect light ( backlighting included)

Assignment 6: Pockets of Light ( Find the light in any space)

Assignment 7: Sunflare

Assignment 8 :  Capturing subject & sky

Bonus assignments :

Assignment 1 : Indoor side lighting

Assignment 2: Have rain ? Embracing the weather!

Assignment 3: Silhouettes

Assignment 4: Blown light

Assignment 5: How Color Impacts Your Photos

Assignment 6: Getting out of a creative funk

Assignment 7: Towering Skies

i wanted to share some of my favorite images from the last few weeks. i did an original post of my first couple of weeks here.

it was wonderful to try new things and to get critiqued in a place you feel comfortable...

are you wanting to learn more??  head on over to their website and get signed up for the next finding the light will be so happy you did it!!!

as for me, i am ready for my next 8 weeks as an alumni!! thank you Dee, Jenny B, and Gail for an amazing experience.  and to my fellow classmates, it was wonderful spending the last two months together!!!