i am so excited to share pictures of such a special couple.    i have known gene and michele since highschool.   but, i didn't get to really know them until i got married and we enjoyed a few get togethers with them while home on vacation or at christmas.  and it wasn't until moving home last summer, that we really got to spend more time together through church, bible study and various other events.    my husband has always been very close to both of them, so it has been wonderful to share this bond as well the past year. when michele contacted me about doing these pictures, i was very excited.   she wanted  to have something to remember this special time in their lives as they both turn 40 this month.   i feel honored to be able to give them this gift, because it will bring them so much joy for years to come.   these pictures capture their love and commitment to each other over all these years; and to have them to look back on is something to treasure.  i hope you enjoy them.

happy 40th michele and gene.  we are all blessed to know you...

blessings, ginger