this was the final week of the winter finding the light workshop with Dee,  and her two assistants Gail and Jenny. i cannot say enough wonderful things about this workshop.  each of these amazing photographers brings their own  unique style to the class.  make sure you go to their blogs and see for yourself.

i look at light in a whole different way after taking this class. ( the best part is, in a couple weeks, i will do it all over again, as an alumni.)  it was over and beyond what i expected.  you will enjoy it, not matter what type of photographer you are.

as you can read on their blog the assignments are as follows:

Main Assignments

Assignment 1: Dramatic Light

Assignment 2: Mid-day Sun & Backlight (full sun)

Assignment 3: Mid-day backlighting with a reflector

Assignment 4: Late in the day sun with reflector

Assignment 5: Finding natural way to reflect light ( backlighting included)

Assignment 6: Pockets of Light ( Find the light in any space)

Assignment 7: Sunflare

Assignment 8 :  Capturing subject & sky

Bonus assignments :

Assignment 1 : Indoor side lighting

Assignment 2: Have rain ? Embracing the weather!

Assignment 3: Silhouettes

Assignment 4: Blown light

Assignment 5: How Color Impacts Your Photos

Assignment 6: Getting out of a creative funk

Assignment 7: Towering Skies

i wanted to share some of my favorite images from the last few weeks. i did an original post of my first couple of weeks here.

it was wonderful to try new things and to get critiqued in a place you feel comfortable...

are you wanting to learn more??  head on over to their website and get signed up for the next finding the light will be so happy you did it!!!

as for me, i am ready for my next 8 weeks as an alumni!! thank you Dee, Jenny B, and Gail for an amazing experience.  and to my fellow classmates, it was wonderful spending the last two months together!!!