I have decided this year to do a family 52 project. Every Wednesday I will post a picture of each of our children that was my favorite from the previous week.  This is a good way for me to stay organized, so that at the end of the year I can easily publish each child a book of the year.   These memories are always so special to go back and cherish. This week's pictures were super easy to pick. They were all taken on our last week of our visit to Florida.   What a fun time it was.

The first one is of E.  I love this one and actually entered it into a photo challenge on one of my favorite blog sites: The Creative Mama.   I was super ecstatic one day when I saw they had shared it on their blog as one of their favorite submissions.   The theme was growth and change.   You can see my entry here:   http://thecreativemama.com/photo-challenge-v1-a-few-favorites/  .  I titled my picture Florida Sun and this is what I shared:

Florida Sun

This picture represents many things to me....the growth we have had as a family the past year as my husband is currently on his 3rd deployment since 2006. This was our first Christmas without him and we (my three children and I ) have come home to our hometown in Florida to be surrounded by loved ones during this holiday...it also represents change and growth in the New Year ahead as we pray for orders to come back close to home. My father -n-law is ill and we pray to have some quality time here with him in these hard days. So as I see this picture and revel in the Florida sun...I have many wishes for our new year ahead and we count down the days to be a family of five again and hopefully close to our extended family as well...

 Next up, Mr. M.   We were trying to get a picture for my parent's Christmas card--one that would include all of their grandchildren. This was pretty challenging because 3 are 1 and under.    Well, this obviously wasn't the card, but when going through the pictures, I couldn't help but laugh.   I guess all his girl cousins are a little much for him to handle!!

 Last picture of the week...our sweet C.   I've posted this picture once. But it is just the perfect one of her to start the New Year with.  This picture is her....sweet, happy, full of life and wonder...