Last weekend we were at Disney and I accidentally hit another mother with my stroller while coming out of the bathroom with our girls. Immediately, I told her how sorry I was. She graciously smiled and said:

Don’t worry about it. We’ve all been there!

I kept thinking about her kindness and her words all day. Wishing we could all be more like that. In all situations. 

Why do we constantly worry so much about what others are doing? How they are parenting. How they are living. Worrying about things that have nothing to do with us or our families. 

On the other side, as mothers, as parents, it can often feel like we are on display to everyone around us. Our loved ones. Strangers. Everyone we are around. It seems like people have an opinion, good or bad, on every decision we make. 

I am reminded over and over again that God created each of us with our own unique beauty. Our unique strengths, gifts and weaknesses. We are all different; yet, He calls us to love each other unconditionally. To be His light to one another.

Next time we see that mama or family struggling with something or choosing a different path than we would. Instead of thinking about all the ways we would have done things differently. Why don’t we just offer love and acceptance? Why don’t we just think “we’ve all been there”. .

Because in one way or another we have.