I used to be so afraid of having a teen. As I watched each year pass, I felt like the best of days were being left behind. That somehow the little years were all there was. I saw teens and I didn’t really know how I would relate as a mother.

Now, I can see the real beauty of every season. These teen years are full of so much life and so much love. Meaningful, heart-filled conversations. Reminders constantly to live fully in the moment. And this closeness that all the years prior has brought us to today. It really is such a gift navigating this time. 

And then the other special part, is getting to know their friends. The people they love. Today, my heart is filled with gratitude. Hours were spent at the beach while I did a shoot for a children’s catalog. These two were an amazing blessing as they chased our almost two year old up and down the beach in the sun. 

Teens. They really are pretty awesome!!!