There’s beauty to be found everywhere and I don’t want to be too busy or too distracted to notice.

Before I realized it this morning, I had let my to do list take over. I began thinking of tasks I wanted to get done. Groceries that needed to be picked up. And a house that had quickly fallen apart over the weekend that needed tending. 

I didn’t stop to work on my devotion. To nourish my soul through time with God. I didn’t stop to go for my morning walk. I just got busy. And I quickly became agitated and bossy and it didn’t take long until even I didn’t like myself. 

Some days, I have to stop. Reset. And cling to the moments of stillness I can find. I need this and our kids need this. I want to stop and hear their stories. I want to look them in the eyes and affirm them. Let them know they are loved. That they are more important than a list or a clean home. 

Yes, mamas we have responsibilities that must be met. But nourishing our souls. Finding space to see the beauty of our lives each day. That is where I want to be. Thriving, enjoying and living life. Not just getting by, as I make my way down a list.