"The beauty that I love is the gift of every ordinary day that's left to me. I want to center my life on the things I'm grateful for. I want to pay attention to what's worth caring about, to read the sacred in everyday life, to develop a spiritual sturdiness I need for that simple, endlessly challenging practice."
-Katrina Kenison

This is the mindset I've been challenged to have for years. A mindset that I have challenged mothers and photographers in my workshop to seek. 

My camera has been such an amazing tool in aiding me to see the sacred in the everyday life; yet, the images I have acquired are not what I am most appreciative of. I am most grateful that God has given me the ability to see life with such clarity. To see the gift of these days I spend with you all. To see the beauty in mundane moments. The infinite details. To feel the brevity and to seek gratitude, even amidst the challenges. Especially amidst the challenges. To truly realize the importance of being still and in the moment. This way of seeing my days at home with you all has spilled over into all aspects of my life. It really is true that a life seeking gratitude, can bring such a joy filled life of living.

Perspective really changes everything. 
And who knew spaghetti oh's and light made such a beautiful combination?