How's your soul? 

I know it's a pretty deep question. Have you thought about it lately ? Does life have you going from one commitment to the next. One day to the next. One year to the next. Do you feel like something is missing? 

I believe there are so many of our generation that are tired of the more mentality. More technology. More activities. More stuff. So many are realizing that less is more and they crave space and time to connect and to be still. Not with a phone or a TV to entertain them. Not with more activities just filling space on their calendar because no was too hard to say. A yearning to slow down is taking place in the souls of so many. 

My husband and I are co-leading a study at our church with the college/young adults by Judah Smith called How's Your Soul? This week we discussed the power of saying no. And really making our yes answers be ones that count. That our hearts are 100% connected with. 
We must have margin in our lives. Time to stop and simply be in awe of God's creation . Time to enjoy God's creation. And most definitely time to connect with the creator Himself. 
I urge you.

Take time and really ask yourself how is your soul?