I was driving to our daughter’s soccer game this weekend, listening to a sermon on the radio, when I heard the following statement.

“Live God’s assignment for you, but don’t assume it’s God’s assignment for them.”

Such a powerful message for parents. What freedom we can give our children through living out these words. Letting them find their path. Accepting them unconditionally when they make choices different than we did or do. 

I’m quite certain there are many adults still living with unnecessary, yet such real guilt. Feeling not enough because they chose a different path than their parents. Or maybe living with regret because they never followed their own dreams or what they felt God calling them to in fear of disappointing their parents. 

We are given such a gift in parenthood. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to love them unconditionally, guiding them to find discernment over God’s purpose for their life. Similar or different than our own... it is theirs.