Here is week two of our 52 week project! To read more about this 52 week project you can go here. This week's theme is black & white. Black & white images are great for showing emotion, and really focusing on what is going on in an image.   

The weather has been cold and rainy a lot this I thought it would be the perfect time to practice shooting with window light.  The picture I picked for this week is of my oldest child watching the snow from her bedroom window. It is sweet and simple.  

During the week, I used this time to take a few other shots around the house using natural light.  These next two pictures are of my youngest daughter.      The first one has some flaws technically, but I still LOVE this shot of her.  I just love that face .  And the second one just makes me smile, because it shows her personality and her love of life.


Don't forget to follow our  Blog Circle. It is such fun to see what the other gals in the group come up with. Next,  head on over to Lucy's blog  and see her black and white entry---you won't be disappointed!