welcome back for week 8 of project 52 with my group of friends from the bloom forum.  this week our theme is : pretend.  i had lots of ideas for this theme.  doesn't it seem children spend much of their time in their "own pretend" world?  i know mine do.    daily, i watch super mario run around our yard.   i see store being played and meals being cooked in the kitchen.  and of course, with two little ladies in my house, i see itty bitty mamas, tending to their little babes.    its fun watching my children and seeing where their imaginations take them.   oh, how blessed i feel to be a part of their daily world...

i  hope you have a super fun weekend.  be sure to follow our blog circle and see what the very creative  mary schannen of Melange Photography has caputred for pretend.

blessings, ginger