thanks for joining me for another week of project 52 with this fabulous group of ladies from the bloom forum.   we've had fun already this year exploring lots of fun themes like love, newness, and refreshing. this week our theme is alone.   i am in the process of taking an 8 week workshop called finding the light.  and it is truly amazing. in one week i've learned so much and i am so grateful to the teachers already!   they are each such talented photographers and teachers.  i wanted to use some of the techniques/pictures for this week's theme.

i love when i capture my children alone and content.   to find them in their own world and happy is a picture worth a thousand words. during my workshop this week we covered dramatic light shooting indoors.   after much trial and error I got a few I fell in love with.   and for all of these, i just loved them in black and white, vs. my usual color and sun filled images:)

next up is the super talented mary schannen of Melange Photography---go see what she has captured for alone


have a super friday, ginger