"the imperfections of a man, his frailties, his faults, are just as important as his virtues.  you can't separate them.  they're wedded"  ~Henry Miller

welcome to week 6 of project 52, with my group of friends at the bloom forum.   i thank you for continuing to follow our fun project.   if you are new this week, please read a little about this idea. we've already done some great themes like homemade, newness, and refreshing.

this week our theme is : letting go of perfect.  i have struggled my whole life with perfectionism.  with wanting others to be happy.  pleasing people.   as i've gotten older i am starting to intentionally let go of some of this.  i want to know perfect isn't something i have or need to be.  it really isn't something God even designed me to be.   we were designed to need God and i need to realize all of my faults and shortcomings, make me the person He created.  

 i love the art of photography, because what may be someone else's mess up, is someone else's art.  its a beautiful thing that way.  i love that as artists we all see things in our own special way. and i cannot wait to see this week how my group each decided to capture this theme.   my pictures evolved as the week went on.  surely there were many things in my life i could do to "let go of perfect."    we were making valentine's day cards and of course before we ever started i had seen many oh, so cute designs on pinterest.   i had ideas flowing through my head.  but somehow things changed.  my children wanted to do something without direction. something that was just theirs.  their own ideas, their own creations.  mom not telling or showing them what they needed to do.  so i let go of my picture perfect ideas...and let them do their own.  it was messy and glitter was just about everywhere.  AND they loved it!!! they were proud of what they created.  i am so glad i did this...



now head on over to my dear friend Gretchen Ceranic's blog Little Life Photography and see how she has captured letting go of perfect...

happy friday, ginger