welcome back to the third month of 10 on 10.  if this is your first time here, please read about our project.   i am so glad that you have joined us.  this month for my "10 on 10" photographs i decided to capture my youngest child for the day.   she is 2 years and 5 months old.   she is changing much too quickly for my liking...every day brings something new.  i used my iphone this month for one of my pictures and i also have included one that is fairly abstract.   i was dancing with my precious baby girl and we had it on the timer and it didn't quite focus us.   i thought it turned out sort of neat!   for this month i have included a letter to my sweet C. my sweet Caroline,

you are growing so quickly these days.  you try so hard to keep up with your big brother and sister.   you amaze me with all you can do at such a young age.  you have a fascination with the ipad and refer to it as "MY PAD"   and lately your game of choice has been to find Barbie Fashion and dance with the theme song (not my proudest accomplishment of yours).   you love to eat and you eat well...all sorts of great foods.  we love that you are so open to trying everything we give you (and for that matter things we don't give you).  you love your baby dolls and to play pretend.   it is so sweet to hear you talk to them and to play in your kitchen and "make things".   you love the beach and playing daily at the lake.    i love watching you run up and down the sand and dive into the water, without a care in the world.  you are very strong willed.   this makes some moments of the day a little harder than i'd choose:)  you were our fighter from day 1 though, being born almost two months early and only spending 10 days in the NICU..you proved early on, you would carry your own!    you love dancing and singing and tutus and all things girl.  daddy and you both love the mornings when he is home.  he will come into your room when we hear you wake up for the day.   and you will spend time together; just the two of you, snuggled up, quiet, in your own little world.  you are no where near being potty trained....and well, that's just fine by mama.   i will be ready when you are ready. but in the meantime, you love your elmo potty (not that you really use it, but sit on it).  you are a dream sleeper.  you go to bed without a fuss.  you sleep in late (until 9 or later most days) and you nap a couple hours each afternoon.   and then you wake up with the sweetest of all smiles.  i love this time.  i love everything about you.  the many things that make you so precious to us all.   your little sayings and sweet kisses.  OR when i ask you if you love me and you say NO in this crazy voice, with the cutest giggle.   oh, sweet Caroline, we all adore you and are so thankful for you as our baby girl. 

i love you (and i know you love me too, even if you say no),



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