it's week 47 of project 52.   this week's theme is magic: what is magical to you? full of amazement and wonder??   with it being the Christmas season, i couldn't help but think of the little elf friend, known fondly at our house as CUTE RED ELF, who came to visit a couple weeks ago.   i thought of the magic and excitement he brings to our three children.  every morning they bound out of bed to see where CUTE RED ELF is and what he is up to.    i love to hear their giggles and squeals each day.  it makes me smile just thinking about it.   this leads me to think about the whole Christmas season and the magical feelings that surround it.   there really is something so special about the weeks that lead up to this glorious day.  and when i think about the meaning of Christmas and the gift we were all given as Christ was born this is quite an amazing and wonderful feeling!

please continue with our blog circle and see what magic Nancy Schumacher has captured....

have a blessed weekend, ginger