it's week 22 of project 52. i have been participating in this project with the bloom forum all year. what fun we have all had exploring our creative sides and getting to know each other better. this week's theme is fatherly love.  at first glance it may appear that i uploaded the wrong image.  you may think....what in the world does this have to do with fatherly love? 

when i first started thinking of this week's theme i thought of the love my husband has for our children.  the fun they share together...the space he really fills in their hearts; that i certainly could never fill. the space that is void when he is gone for months at a time with the USMC.  i think of how blessed i am to have married a man who loves his children and puts all of us first in his life.   

but this theme of fatherly love also brings to mind my own father, which leads me to my picture...NECCOs.  this is one thing that no matter where i am or who i am with.....i see it and i instantly think of my dad.   i would not know about this little candy if it weren't for him.   i do not like this candy at all (although he always had me try just one to see if maybe i'd change my mind). but i smile anytime i see it, which is rare these days.   i think of my dad...and when i think of him i have so many wonderful memories.  my father has always shown us that he loves his family more than anything else.   he taught us from a young age the value of family and the importance of loyalty.   i will forever be grateful to him for this and hope i will teach our children the same.   for the first time in 12 years we are moving back to our hometown.   i couldn't think of a better way to celebrate father's day this year.  it is really wonderful knowing we will have this time together again.  dad...thank you for being the man you are to me today and always.  i love you!

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