it never ceases to amaze me when i see God's handprints in aspects of my life.   last fall i contacted amy to take pictures of my sweet baby turning one (check out her gorgeous work).   from the moment i met her we hit it off. we had so much to share including our love of photography, God, and our families.   later in the fall we were in the same small group with bible study, but it wasn't until the spring that we were able to get together on a more regular basis.   our little girls, both full of love and energy hit it off from day 1.   they have both become special parts of our lives.    i am inspired daily by amy's walk with God and feel so blessed to have met them this year. i know our friendship will be one that will last forever.   i'll never forget when i met amy's daughter, summer grace and how amy explained to me the meaning of her name....fresh from God.  (it was so neat because we had named our third child, caroline grace...beautiful woman from God).  i think no other name could be more fitting for this adorable girl, and you will see why in these sweet pictures of mama and her.  amy, we will miss you guys but are forever grateful for the time we shared here.  you are an amazing mother and friend.


xoxo, ginger