hello.  i am excited to begin my first project of 2012....project 52.  i am very thankful to all of my readers that followed me on this journey last year.   it was such a growing experience that i knew i had to participate again.   this year a fellow photographer from my last group, lucy and I have partnered up to lead our group.  i am so excited about the themes and the fun we will have stretching our creative sides. i am so excited to get to know everyone in our group this year.  we have a fantastic group of almost twenty ladies joined together for this fun project. each friday we will post our new theme for the week.  we are all members of the bloom forum .  i highly suggest this amazing forum to any photographer... from hobbyist to professionals you will find so much support and inspiration in this wonderful place. without further ado, this year's first theme is YOU--a self portrait.  i don't imagine any of us love to do these.  last year i decided to do a more abstract version of the self portrait and photograph things that define me;  but this year i used my remote and took my picture.  and indeed it felt awkward and a bit silly taking a picture totally solo, sans any of my babies, but i did it. last year i made it a point to try and shoot myself with the kids as often as possible.   i cherish these pictures now, but i will say it's quite different capturing a picture of yourself..by yourself.   i knew if i was going to do this i wanted to also capture my favorite time to shoot.  i love the golden hour, as you can tell in most of my sessions.  i love sun and flare and warmth. (if you'd like to get to know a little more about me and my love of my family, the Lord, and many other things...head on over here.)

please continue on our blog circle and meet Mary Schannen of Melange Photography...she is a true inspiration!

hugs, ginger