“enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – robert brault

i read this quote recently on my dear friend gretchen's blog.  and how true it is.  i can hardly believe my oldest child is now almost 8 years old.   it seems like yesterday we were just finding out we were going to have a precious baby.   the years simply pass by so quickly with our children.  many have said that the days are long; but the years are fast.  and that is true also.  as we go through each phase of  life raising our children, some days we are just in survival mode. but somewhere within each day there are those moments you just want to grasp and hold on to forever.  the moments that make your realize just how precious the gift of motherhood is.  and really its a combination of all these moments so small each day, that we will realize were so big.

i long to capture all of these moments.  but  i also long to capture moments of me in these moments .  i know i've said it before, but it really is so important to preserve memories of  US with our families.  many of you may think how much you dislike being in pictures. others may say you are all just too busy.  or that you don't care for the fuss of  it all.  but your famly will look back on these memories and treasure them one day.   last year i made a commitment to try and be in more pictures with my family.   as a photographer i have thousands of pictures of my own children, but i realized i was the one always taking the pictures.  so, i bought a remote and tried at least once a month to snap a shot.  my husband was overseas at the time and really loved to receive pictures with me in them as well..(since he got a handful a day emailed to him of the kids). 

 this year i am so excited to partner up on a fun project with my sweet friend Lexi Winters, who also happens to be a photographer. last fall the two of us helped each other by taking our family Christmas card pictures.  it worked out so well for both of us that we knew we needed to do this more often now that i have moved back to town. we realized our husbands aren't going to want to be in monthly photo shoots, but Lexi and i both thought it would be such fun to get together monthly and just snap away some fun times with our kiddos ( and we also knew we could sit and visit about photography, motherhood, and most anything else for hours at a time).  

so,  for this month i have a few that she took of me and the kids while we were doing our card pictures.   i am so grateful already for this project because i just love having these to remember me with these special babies, right now, just how we are...

 now , head on over to Greenprint Photography, and see the pictures i captured of lexi and her beautiful family...

hugs, ginger