“...you are my rainbow to keep. my eyes will always be watching you; never will i lose sight of you.”  -vesna bailey welcome back for this month's edition of just us. i love that this project has made me more aware of getting in the pictures with my children. this month's pictures really show it can be fun to do.  my kid's love playing with the remote..so one morning, while still in jammies, my oldest daughter and i had a little fun in bed.   snuggling in my bed is our favorite spot to be. since she was little, she has been our most snuggly, touchy baby.   she is the only one of our three children, that you will find in between us in bed at some point, every night.   she's a truly lovely soul and we are so blessed to call her our daughter.

once awake for the day, the baby of the family decided she wanted in on the fun.  i couldn't say no, now could I?!

please continue on and see what the talented Misty Setzler l Lubbock, TX photographer has captured of her family this month.