"the days are so long, but the years are so short"  -excerpt from the happiness project i remember distinctly typing this quote almost a year ago as our group started this project together and here we are almost twelve months later. the years simply fly by much too quickly. no day is an ordinary day as the mother of my three children.  every day is a new adventure -some days we find fun and laughter; some days bring tears and trials; while others are filled with questions, sickness, triumphs, and surprises.  but most importantly, our days are filled with love.  and this love will be constant no matter how many years go by.  today, i share my last 10 on 10 for the year.  the ordinary moments are extraordinary when shared with those you love the most. today i have 10 moments from JUST ONE beautiful day shared with my children.   i hope you enjoy.  

thank you for following this project this year.   to continue on with our blog circle please head on over to the blog of Elizabeth Jane Photo and see what her day included this month.