Definition of Glorify:  (according to Merriam
1 : to make glorious by bestowing honor, praise, or admiration b : to elevate to celestial glory
2: to light up brilliantly
3 : to represent as glorious : extol <a song glorifying romantic love> b : to cause to be or seem to be better than the actual condition <the new position is just a glorified version of the old stockroom job>
4: to give glory to (as in worship)

Examples of Glorify:  Glorify and give thanks to God.

It's hard to believe another year has been born.  The days and months pass so quickly; much too quickly in fact.  I can vividly remember last year being in my car and hearing a segment on the radio about picking one word for you for the year. A word that would represent you at that time in life or something you hoped to become.   Again, as this New Year has started, I have also seen challenges within the blogging community to do this very thing.   It's a great way to reflect and set goals or wishes for the New Year ahead.   The word I have chosen is :


I find this word perfect for 2011 (and really any year) in so many ways.   I feel challenged and hopeful to GLORIFY God in all things I do--in all walks of my life...

  •  As a Wife
  • As a Mother
  • As a Daughter
  • As a Sister
  • As a Friend
  • As a Neighbor
  • In how I spend my free time
  •  Through my health and well being
  • Through my photography and other creative outlets

The list could go on.  I know I will not always succeed and in that there IS NOT failure but learning.  As I said, this is an ongoing challenge and hope of mine for the year and years to come.   What is your word? What does it say about your year ahead?