I love this picture of my two oldest children for so many reasons.  It just represents so much about both of them in such an amazing way.  

 At first glance it is the two of them ready to jump from the jungle gym at the neighborhood park.  But to me, it is so much more.   I see two children, so different in so many ways but also surprisingly so alike these days.  There is 2 1/2 years exactly between them.   Not long ago these two seemed world's apart; one was in diapers completely dependent on mama for most everything --the other not so much.   Fast forward 4 years and they are the best of friends and rivals.  They play together so well and want to do most of the same things, they go to bed at about the same time, like most of the same movies and shows, can get dressed alone and are pretty self sufficient, wear the same sized shoes and are only a mere 4 pounds apart. I could really go on and on. 

But how subtle this picture also shows me their differences.  The lace ties of my six year old, who can now tie her shoes, and is reading and starting to lose her first teeth.  The pink on her legs reminding me of the girly girl she is and her love for drama, dolls, dance, and arts.   And then there is the Velcro of my son, reminding me he isn't quite there with his sister yet..but always chasing his dream to be just like her.  His jeans reminding me of his love for adventure and fearless spirit.  His leadership qualities waiting to blossom, but these days presenting as stubbornness and defiance.

So no, 1+1 may not always equal 2, but it certainly isn't 1.   I love watching our children grow and develop into their own personalities.   For now, I will cherish these days, where I see them loving to play together one minute but fighting the next, declaring their independence.    What a fun journey motherhood is.