the joy project november 2 ginger unzueta There are times I think he gets lost between two sisters and seven girl cousins, but it has been so fun to watch him “come in to his own” the past year. I have loved seeing him develop his own passions and interests. He has fallen in love with the world of sports. He has such an amazing, tender heart; yet, we are starting to see him enjoy all things rough and physical.

My husband has spent countless months, accumulating to years, away from our son over his 8 short years of life. For as long as I can remember, he has preferred spending time with Mama instead of Dad. During the past few years, their relationship has grown into something special. I love seeing the two of them snuggled on the living room sofa on Saturday mornings watching ESPN's College GameDay or out on the lake together kayaking and fishing. I know a father's involvement in his son's life is critical and I'm extremely grateful to see God allowing their relationship to flourish.

It is such a blessing to see God's hands in the lives of each of our children. I am humbled daily by the intricate details of His plans.