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There are all kinds of excuses to NOT get in the pictures with our kids, but I am trying to focus on all the WAYS I can.

The kids and I were sitting on the bed in awe of her precious giggles. Our 6 year old was filming it all with the iPhone and I quickly handed my camera to our 9 year old son. This has become my way of getting "in the frame". I've taught him and our oldest daughter a bit about focus and composition. I set the camera settings (since I always shoot in manual) and I give the camera to them.

Kids LOVE to be involved and they love to learn. They love seeing they can create art too. They have even started to come up with their own ideas on composition. It's been so fun to watch them grow more able and confident behind the camera.

I am grateful, as always, to the group of ladies behind this project. They are always inspiring me and encouraging me to keep documenting that "I was there too."