There are so many things in today's culture fighting for our children's attention and time. 

Organized activities, music lessons, clubs, sports, and playdates. 

Digital devices with endless games, music, and social media. 

These things can all be great and utilized in amazing ways, but I think it is so important for children to have time to be free. Time to be bored. To explore. To play. To imagine. To be by themselves.

Some days its easier to say yes to the other stuff, but every time I say "no, go outside and play", I am so grateful. 

It was a cloudy warm morning. I saw her through the back door, still in her Frozen night gown; running up and down the yard with sticks and flowers. She was singing and dancing as she played. 

I smiled. I know that feeling so well. That feeling of childhood; where you can go as far as your imagination takes you. I watch her like this often, hours spent in our yard; living a world she creates so beautifully. 

This is my reminder. Some days they will fight for everything but this solitude of "nothing to do"; yet the feeling of boredom can inspire amazing memories and creativity.