the joy project october 20 ginger unzueta 10 and a half.

You are swimming in a current somewhere between childhood and teen. A time that is filled with so many questions. A realization of the world and the vast views it holds. A time of so much change; some welcomed and some feared. An awareness of your peers and caring what they think. A time filled with emotions that are hard to express.

This growing time can feel like an ocean tossing you back and forth. We guide you, listen and try to help you navigate. We have been in your shoes, yet, it doesn't always help. Our prayer is for you to honor God always. To realize that your beauty and worth are found only in Him. To seek Him on days you feels lonely. To praise Him through everything. Most of all, we pray that you will know without a doubt that you are loved by us and Him.

These are only steps. Steps to becoming the woman God has planned for you. A small part of life, that can be so overwhelming at times. Yet, through it all, I somehow feel at peace. I know you are in His hands.