the joy project october 11 ginger unzuetathe joy project october 11 ginger unzueta 2the joy project october 11 ginger unzueta 3 I remember someone telling me years ago that in life we are all either going through something, getting over something, or about to head into something. To be honest, that thought made me anxious. I wanted to think that heartache and suffering were somehow avoidable.

Now, I realize that suffering is a part of each of our lives. I see it differently, because God has shown me through each valley and each heartache that His plan is never without purpose. Knowing this doesn't make suffering easier, but it now gives me a peace I didn't understand when I wasn't seeking God daily. His promises have become my strength.

You were born almost 8 weeks premature and through your stay in the NICU your doctor named you "superstar." He was amazed at how well you progressed during your time in the hospital.  I became very ill before your delivery and remained ill for some time afterwards. I remember the fear I felt during that time. I couldn't take care of myself, you, or Bubby and Sissy. I was scared and heartbroken in ways I had never known.

Five years later, I can see how I grew so much through that experience. I grew closer to God and I began to let go of the control I tried to have on life. I began to seek peace and comfort in His plan for me, and started to let go of worry and anxiety which at times had consumed me.

I was recently listening to a sermon and the pastor shared these profound words. “God lets us get into situations that seem impossible in order to bring us to the end of our self, so He can give us our best. Don’t underestimate what He will use.”

No matter what suffering you face, I want the three of you to know the same peace and comfort I have found through Christ . The comfort of knowing we don’t have to understand it all, but to remember His love has overcome all pain. We just have to remember to seek Him.