the joy project may 17 I feel you growing in different ways. You are right there between childhood and the world of teenager. We are both navigating these waters together for the first time and it isn't always easy.  I know I fail you many days. I know there will be times you feel like I don't understand you, but please never forget how much I love you. Today, I found you in your room crying. You asked me if I was mad at you for something that had happened earlier in the day and I said no. There are times that I will be disappointed by your actions or words, but life is far too precious to hold on to these negative feelings. I have learned what loving unconditionally really means since becoming a mama. God has shown me grace over and over again through you and your brother and sister. As I've told you before, there were so many times I wasn't the daughter I should have been to Mimi and Popi. There were times I took them for granted and times I was disrespectful. I still mess up. My prayer is for you to really know the gift of grace, the gift of forgiveness, and the gift of love.  Some days will feel like valleys in this road of life. Use these times to grow and seek God first. Let Him be your rock always.  I love you forever.

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