"If it's true what Marion Roach Smith says, that small moments are where life is truly lived, then we have to count all the small moments, not just the pleasant ones. The day's also have small moments of rejection, humiliation, disappointment, regret, misunderstanding, heartache, and pain. These are our moments too. How we define "small moments" is crucial to seeing, embracing, and learning from our whole life, not just the pretty parts. These small moments can offer hints of a greater reality just like the lovely ones do. But in these, it can be harder to find." -Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday

I don't know about you, but my day was certainly filled with an array of these not so lovely memorable moments. Beauty certainly was scattered throughout the day but there were also many small moments that I must stop and try to learn from. How do I need to grow? Where do our children need direction and grace today? How is God looking to use me today even amidst the no so pretty parts???