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Three months ago, I stood in this same place. Tears running down my face. It was our first day back to homeschooling. And the day had felt like mass mayhem. I realized life was in a new season with four ranging from 13 to 1, but I hadn’t quite realized how this would look day to day with schooling. Our toddler suddenly seemed so busy and quite loud. 

We knew in our hearts that this was God’s plan for our family. This was the start of year seven homeschooling and I knew there would be some adjusting as we found our new rhythm. But the truth is, that place of growth and change can feel so hard. It can feel never ending. 
We leaned into God. My husband and I both prayed through those growing pains. In the middle of it, she decided to cut her three hour afternoon nap shorter. Fall activities began and there were days that felt so challenging.

And now, three months later, through the daily ebb and flow, we have found this beautiful rhythm. There are days she joins us at the school table. There are days we take school outside while she does chalk. There are days she plays endlessly in the sink while we do math. The older kids take turns playing with her at times and thankfully she has found her way back to napping. We still have days that we decide to stop what we are doing...knowing there is always tomorrow. 

My husband and I have seen God’s affirmation about this lifestyle choice for our family over and over again. When we follow His plan, we aren’t guaranteed easy, but He will provide a way, in His time. I’ve been able to reflect a lot the past few weeks and my heart overflows with gratitude and peace. To be right here today. 

Mamas, you may not homeschool, but I would imagine you have your own life rhythms that have changed or are changing. Don’t quit seeking Him. He wants to hear from us—about all the big things; but also about all these daily intricacies. I know on those long days, when nothing seems to feel right, it can feel so lonely. But you aren’t alone. And as He gently guides you to your new daily flow, there will be a beauty that you hold onto with new appreciation.