the joy project october 1 It rained almost every day last week. One morning we were at the table doing school work, when we noticed it was raining again, only this time the sun was still shining. The three of you headed outside and played in the rain until you were drenched. We got off schedule for the day and wet clothes and towels were all over the floors, but it was such a reminder of how wonderful it can be to let go of expectations.

The more I let go of my expectations of myself, of others, and of our time, the more I experience life in an extraordinary way. I am learning to find the beauty in the imperfect, the unplanned, and the mess. I am realizing that sometimes, school can get done later. I am embracing messes made from little helpers in the kitchen, eagerly wanting to help. I am learning to accept that laundry is never all caught up. Relationships, conversations, and memories are worth it. YOU are worth it. 

God continues to show me through these experiences that His plan will always be far greater than any plans I have and that I don’t need these expectations of my life. I simply need Him and love.