the joy project august 24 ginger unzueta 2the joy project august 24 ginger unzueta Abundant joy, laughter, smiles. I want to look back on my days with you and remember these moments fully. Often, as I lay next to you at bedtime, I let my shortcomings fog my memory of the day. Perhaps, I lost my patience, raised my voice, and didn't listen intently. I could go on, but I won’t. You see, I am so good at giving grace to the three of you.  I love you with a total unconditional love, yet I forget to love my self this way.

This weekend I read these words from Judah Smith: “Grace points us toward Jesus. It keeps us humble, and it also gives us hope that we can live a good life after all. When we mess up, we don’t get emotionally derailed. We get up and try again because we know Jesus is on our side. He’s not mad at us or even disappointed in us. He’s excited that we are trying and he is there to help us learn and grow.”

I am guessing I am not the only one that has ever “emotionally derailed” when thinking back on the day’s events. As I remind myself, I want to remind others as well; every day is a new day to keep trying. He is using every mistake, trial, and bad day, to allow us to grow closer to Him, if we just let Him. I want to do more than just get up and try again. I want to remember the Joy that only He gives us. That Joy is not circumstantial and is always there to give us strength. And His Mercy is greater than any shortcoming.

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