You love to play dress up.  I find costume changes all over your room and the house daily. Today you proudly proclaimed that your name was Ariel. We were not to use any other name for you, only Ariel. You also explained to me that this was not a dress-up outfit--it was clothes.  You were keeping it in your closet with your other dresses. I was not to put it away in the basket with all of your other princess dresses. I loved watching you play and pretend. Later, you came to me crying, because you had cut a hole in  your new Ariel dress. When Daddy came home from work, I told you that you needed to explain to him what had happened. You told him you were so mad because it was so itchy that you cut it. This is you at four. Our sweet, strong-willed girl. I love you. day 4day 4 fday 4 eday 4 dday 4 bday 4 c