the joy project september 1 I am constantly growing and learning on this journey of parenthood; not just through watching the three of you, but also through you watching me.

Last week one night, you observed my reaction and mood change after someone had hurt my feelings. Admittedly, I am very sensitive and I realize that I often take things personal that aren't said to hurt me. That evening, you came to me to ask me what had happened. I started to explain to you why my feelings were hurt.

With thought and respect you carefully told me that I wasn't being Jesus like. You also said that it isn't fun to be around a person who is grumpy. You continued to try to share the same situation from another perspective.

By the time you finished, my eyes were filled with tears. I am not only grateful that I was able to see that I wasn't being kind and was insisting on my own way and thoughts, but that you were bold enough to tell me. Often in life, I wouldn't have been able to say what you said. You risked upsetting me, to share what you truly believed in your heart.

It was a great example of how we all need grace. In our home, as we strive to teach you all, I think one of the greatest gifts you can see is humility. I am in need of His grace, just as much as you are. I am in need of your grace and forgiveness, just as you need ours. We all mess up daily, but through love we will grow together.