the joy project september 29 bToday, we enjoyed a beautiful day at a local garden. You did some school work, painted, sketched, explored, and played for a few hours. As I watched you all play and work together, I was filled with such gratitude. I will never forget the year Big Sissy started Kindergarten. It seemed like our time together was always rushed and always too short. The school days seemed long and the family time was never enough.

I would often see a mother and her three children taking leisurely walks together during the mornings. I was curious what it would be like to home school; to have our time back. I was even a bit envious every time I passed her. I longed for something different for our family.

Another year passed and God kept pressing  on my heart. He began to speak to Daddy as well. That year we prayed fervently to God. We asked Him what His plan was for our family. The following year we began homeschooling. I am so grateful we followed in faith. Our life has changed in so many ways. I feel like we now have time to really grow together and we have time for un-rushed conversations. It is such a blessing to see the provisions of God when we obey Him.

the joy project september 29