I am so grateful for this group of women that encourage me to get in the frame each month with my children. I have boxes and boxes of pictures from my youth. I became a mother 11 years ago and somehow the pictures with me in them get fewer and fewer with each passing year.

Now, 39 years young and pregnant with baby number four, getting in the frame is a real struggle for me. It's hard to embrace the way our bodies change and age over the years. And then pregnancy has an added effect to all of this. It’s never easy to have our bodies change, but then having it become a focal point for many conversations makes getting in the pictures that much harder.

Yet, no matter what I feel like when I look at myself in the mirror, something happens when I am surrounded by our children. I feel a beauty, a peace and a love that nothing compares to. Each month when I look back on these moments, all I can feel is gratitude.

My eyes fill with tears as I look at this picture of our oldest daughter and our youngest daughter now growing in my stomach. What a gift motherhood has been. I have learned so much and continue to grow in ways I never imagined. I can only look at this body of mine changing and thank God daily. This baby is truly a miracle; one we prayed for many years.

Please, follow the link and see the beautiful mothers and the love that overflows from each one of them.