“Do it afraid.”
Yesterday, I came across these words and I can’t stop thinking about them. 

So often my prayer has been to be fearless. I worry, I hold back, I don’t act because of fear. But what if instead my prayer became to “do it afraid”? 

As I look back on my life and all the times I did “do it afraid”, my mind overflows with stories lined with amazing grace. Stories where God’s presence was undeniable. Stories of abundant love. Life will undeniably bring fearful situations our way. What are we missing by sitting stagnant in that fear? 

Is there a decision you need to make? An opportunity waiting? Is there a conversation you need to have? An answer you need to find ? Is God calling you to something or somewhere ? Whatever it is. Whatever we face, I pray that in these days ahead we can all remember to “do it afraid”. Let’s make the choice to really lean on Him. To trust Him to catch us if we fall. To trust Him to give us wings. To give us anything and everything we need. 

And may we inspire our children to do the same. 

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