the joy project march 13 This pink skirt, aka "your tutu", is your favorite article of clothing this week.  Today, I asked you to go get dressed so we could go to the grocery store.  I followed you into your room and was going to give you a little "help" with picking something appropriate to wear to the store. Once we got upstairs, I decided to watch you instead.  You went through numerous choices, in and out of your bedroom to look in the mirror, before making your final choice.  You were so happy with your decision and paired it with black sparkle flats. I was grateful on this particular morning it was chilly out and you decided last minute to add a white sweater.

I love the way God creates every one of us so unique. I love how you have such opinions on things. This can be such a great attribute as you get older. Do not let others influence you, be who YOU are.