the joy project july 18 BUT mom.

Two words I hear more often than I would like. You are such a spirited and loving child. You are also very strong willed at times. I am learning daily about grace and patience as you doesn't always want to comply with what is asked of you.

This reminder from Rachel Jankovic was so timely, "God likes for His people to be stretched, to be challenged, to be pushed. This is often seen in the fact that we almost never feel like we have things under control. When we finally figure to how to handle one child, we have another. When we think the house is running smoothly, we move. When we feel especially comfortable, we may have to deal with a hard providence. God does not want us to be stagnant, to sit still, to rest on the laurels of success. He has us in training-He is pushing us to grow, to learn, to confess, to rely on Him more, to give more to others, to work harder, to laugh more. This is Christian discipleship."

So, as I work with you, He is working on both of us.